How to Choose a Teacher

Viola or violin lessons are a big commitment, and finding the right teacher is a crucial step.

• The first step is to understand your own musical goals and personal needs.

• Do you want a teacher who will emphasize discipline, or someone who will be patient and compassionate, or a combination?

• Are there specific things you want to address in your lessons? Such as, overcoming pain or injury, managing stage fright, or learning certain technical skills?

• Is there a particular style of music you’d like to work on, such as improvisation, pop, classical, jazz, or folk?

• When you meet the teacher for the first time, communicate your goals to them. Do they understand, and can they explain how they might be able to help you meet your goals? Do you feel comfortable? It’s worth taking the time to find a teacher you trust!

Posted on August 1, 2017 .