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Do viola or violin lessons feel like work instead of play?

Whether you’re a parent in Queens looking for viola or violin lessons for your child, an adult amateur, or an advanced, career-minded musician, you know that playing an instrument requires commitment, but that it can also be profoundly fulfilling.

You are convinced that learning the viola or violin is a path to self-knowledge, healthy discipline, and creative enjoyment. But it’s hard to make it a priority among all of the other demands on your time. Practicing requires real effort, and staying motivated can be exhausting.

The good news is, learning viola or violin doesn’t have to feel like drudgery.

With the right approach, playing can replenish your creative energy and add vitality to all areas of your life.

At our home studio in Queens, we teach viola and violin in a fun, compassionate setting where students' innate curiosity and desire to communicate power their musical exploration. Equally nurturing and challenging, we offer lessons that enable students to succeed in all musical settings, free from physical discomfort, and to enjoy a lifelong connection to music.

"Infinitely patient and extremely perceptive, Nora managed to strike just the right balance, making beginning violin lessons 'serious fun' for my young daughter." -SW, Manhattan

"Nick doesn't just teach technique, he nurtures and inspires musicianship. Since working with Nick my son is learning how to be an expressive storyteller in his violin playing." -FC, Queens
Queens violin teacher Nick Revel, offering viola and violin lessons in Sunnyside, Queens
Student in viola or violin lesson at the Sunnyside, Queens New York String Studio

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